Signet Rings

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Signet rings are a classic that never goes out of fashion. One of the most popular engravings on a signet ring is a family crest. At RING jewellers we can engrave crests using laser engraving which is very accurate but quite 2 dimensional. Alternatively, we can apply a traditional 'deep seal' engraving. The deep seal engraving is where the family crest is engraved deeply into the metal in reverse. This means that when the ring is pushed 

into wax, (like the old red wax seals on important documents many years ago) the crest comes out the correct way around & raised. We can also engrave our signet ring with initials which is another popular choice. This can be done by hand giving a finish like a series of brush strokes. Or, for a more crisp finish we can use our laser engraving.


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