mokume gane diamond engagement rings

Mokume Gane originated in Japan back in the 17th century. It was originally used to make Samurai swords. Mokume Gane translates from Japanese into 'Wood Grain' a name the process gets from its distinctive pattern. The unique patterns in Mokume Gane are created by fusing different metals into a 'billet' (a stack of metals). These billets are then 

folded & forged & to create the wood grain like appearance.

Our Mokume Gane Diamond engagement rings are made in collaboration with world renowned Mokume specialist James Binnion & our own Brighton based goldsmiths & Diamond setters. Each ring is set with a GIA laboratory graded Diamond, for proof of an honest grading. We can create bespoke Mokume Gane engagement rings with a choice of precious metal combinations, Diamond sizes, colours & charities. We can work to a wide range of budgets but due to the labour intensive nature of the Mokume Gane metal work process, the starting price is around £1995 for 2 white metals & £2795 for 3 or 4 different metals.   

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