Jewellery Remodelling

Many people have inherited or unwanted jewellery that is not their style. The temptation is for them to sell it but this is usually the worst thing to do. This is because 2nd hand jewellers base their buying prices on scrap metal values even when the jewellery is in perfectly good condition. Often they will not even pay more if there are gemstones in the ring! With jewellery remodelling, although you pay for the commission, the finished piece is then worth the same, if not more, than original piece. 

A good starting point for getting your jewellery redesigned is taking a look at our handy guide by clicking here. 

Scenario 1 A lady inherits her grandmother's yellow gold diamond engagement ring. The insurance value is £2000. She sells it to a 2nd hand jeweller & gets £495. She then buys a ring to remember her gran by. The ring she buys for £495 has way smaller & lower quality diamonds. She has effectively down-graded her jewellery.

Scenario 2 The same lady inherits her grandmother's yellow gold diamond engagement ring but this time she commissions RING jewellers to design a ring she will love. They remove the diamonds from the inherited ring & reset them into the new design. The remodelling process costs her £495. The ring has now retained both its commercial & sentimental value & is still worth £2000. The lady wears the ring every day. This time instead of downgrading her jewellery she has 'upcycled' it!

RING jewellers is based in The Lanes in Brighton but don’t worry if you do not live nearby. We carry out lots of remodelling work for customers based all over the world. We can discuss designs via email & use insured shipping to both receive your old jewellery & for you to get your new remodelled items.

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