other cuts of diamonds

As well as the Round Brilliant, Asscher, Emerald, Marquise, Princess, Radiant & Oval cuts of diamonds there are many more. Old cut diamonds are the predecessor to the modern Round Brilliant cut. These stones are cut deeper than the modern Round Brilliant & often had the cullet (point at the bottom of the stone removed) this is often mistaken for a hole in a diamond! 

 Cushion cut diamonds give a good compromise between a Round Brilliant & Square Princess cut diamond. Heart cut diamonds are popular with the old fashioned romantics but can often loose their effect when set into a ring. This is because the claws can make the diamonds look more round than heart shaped. Pear cuts are another popular cut of diamond. Another trend that seems to be increasing in recent years is diamond mine site holder coming up with their own 'unique' cuts of diamond. These are often a bit of a novelty & the classic cuts tend to stand up to the test of time much better. Also be aware of limited edition diamond cuts. Goldsmiths the hight street chain jewellery store used ot sell a 'Millenium cut diamond' to celebrate the year 2000. It was like giving sa diamond a sell by date. Now, if ever you see one for sale you know it is probably second-hand & from the sad story of a broken engagement. 

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