marquise cut engagement rings

Marquise cut diamonds are proportionally longer than the other cuts. Marquise cut diamonds are usually cut with 58 facets which means they are a bright, refractive cut. Marquise cuts often look larger than their carat weight suggests due to the taper of their elegant points. This means they are a great choice for people who 

have longer fingers because they can give great length to an diamond engagement ring without the need to buy a huge diamond!

We are lucky enough to have our workshops located in central Brighton just a few yards from the shop (in The Lanes, Brighton). In our workshops we have a hightly skilled team of goldsmiths, diamond setters & wax carvers. This means when we take on a diamond engagement ring commission we can carry our the majority of the work locally, in Brighton. By working in this way we are able to check the progress of the ring at every stage. 

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