Why you should shop at an Independent Shop

Why you should shop at an Independent Shop

With all the big high street shops that offer discounts on everything and always have sales on, why on earth would you bother to go out of your way to visit an independent shop? On the face of it, the ease and choice of visiting a big store is a no-brainer, right? Let's take a closer look.

The Pros And Cons of Shopping Independently.....

Customer Service

Whilst some large stores will have great customer service, there are many that do not look after their staff and then in turn those staff do not look after you, the customer.  The profits and livelihood of a big store are not going to collapse because you, as an individual, have a bad customer experience and take your money elsewhere. Also many Shop assistants do not have a specialist knowledge of what they are selling. At an independent you are far more likely to be served by an expert.

If we compare this to shopping at a small, local independently run store, the member of staff who is serving you is very likely to be the owner of the business. They will be very keen to build customer loyalty, so that you will return to their shop in the future. Independent shops rely on word of mouth and recommendations from their customers because they do not have the advertising budget of a national or international chain store. This means that the customer service is often far superior and that the shop staff will be happy and willing to go above and beyond for you, to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Shopping Experience

In an independent shop, like RING jewellers, you will never feel rushed & the shopping experience is much more relaxed. It feels like the staff genuinely care - because they do! A good independent shop will allow you to take your time browsing through the goods on offer, providing suggestions if you want them, sharing options with you and not expecting you to become just a faceless number in a queue.

Some independent jewellers, like RING jewellers in Brighton, are also able to offer you a bespoke service. You can go in with a design idea and work with the design team to create your perfect jewellery piece. At RING jewellers we offer no obligation design consultations free of charge and we like to make this process a fun experience. You could even design your dream piece of bespoke jewellery remotely (i.e. without visiting the shop in person). To see an example of designing an engagement ring this way click here.

Shopping at somewhere like the Lanes in Brighton is an experience in itself.  You can meander through them at your own pace, look in an eclectic mix of small, independent shops and have freedom of choice wherever you go.  Added to this, there are lots of coffee shops and restaurants easily available, so you can have a free jewellery design consultation, and then get yourself a coffee or lunch while you make sure the design is just what you want, before you make your final decision.

In fact, with an independent jeweller you can let your imagination run wild! Here's a great picture of one of our actual customers receiving his bespoke Gallifreyan Doctor Who ring on his wedding day!

Value for money

Many people think that independent shops will cost you a small fortune, this is often not the case, the prices can be very reasonable and for the amount of care and attention that you will receive, the value is excellent.  An independent shop like RING jewellers will take time to discuss exactly what you want and then provide you with some options of costs depending upon your budget.  A jewellery purchase is often a once in a lifetime item - would you rather buy an 'off-the-shelf' piece that many other people have or potentially invest in designing something unique? Although it can happen with an independent the large chain stores are the real masters of the ‘SALE NOW ON’ trick of elevating prices purely to slash them at sale time. So value for money doesn’t always come with a massive discount. For example “let’s sell this £900 piece of jewellery for £2000 & then have a 1/2 price sale”. You end up paying £1000 for an item worth £900. RING jewellers have a strict pricing structure based on the value of the precious metals, gemstone weights & grades. There is also no hefty bespoke fee as people may think. This means you always get value for money (even without the big uppercase red & white sale signs!).

Local community

Independent shops are much more likely to support local charities than non-local national ones. You can help your local community by investing in it, reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring the survival of your unique town centre. This is especially true for a place like the Lanes in Brighton, they are internationally known for being brilliant places to shop for unique products.

So, if you're looking for an especially designed piece of jewellery that you can cherish forever, why not pay us a visit?

RING jewellers is based in The Lanes in Brighton at 21 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1 HB.