Resetting Diamond Rings

One of the most popular type of ring redesign we undertake at RING jewellers is resetting diamond rings. This could be where we redesign your engagement ring. Where we are resetting diamonds into a new ring from an old necklace or bracelet. We can even reset your engagement ring from yellow gold into platinum, or carry out a full ring reset because you have an antique ring that is worn & damaged. A common question we are asked at RING jewellers is "What does a new reset engagement ring cost?". Well, 

as you may guess, the price can vary enormously. This is because a ring redesign cost can alter due to the metal chosen to redesign the engagement ring with, whether we are only resetting diamonds supplied by the customer (as opposed to when we supply additional gemstones) & also if the new reset engagement ring has any other extra detail like laser engraving.

If you are interested in resetting your engagement ring & would like to know the cost of redesigning jewellery simply fill out our jewellery remodelling form below. You can also see lots of redesigned rings before and after photos by clicking here.   

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