GIA certified diamonds

The crucial thing when buying a diamond is knowing that it has been honestly graded. For total piece of mind RING jewellers use laboratory graded diamonds. We offer this independent grading service free of charge for all diamonds over 0.30ct. Although it is possible to laboratory grade smaller diamonds it is unfortunately not economical to do so because the paperwork costs more than the diamonds do!

There are many diamond grading laboratories but the one with the greatest reputation is the GIA. RING jewellers uses predominantly GIA certified diamonds. Established in 1931 the GIA have a history of giving reassurance to jewellers & their customers the world over by uniforming the diamond grading process with honestly & integrity

The Birmingham assay office that hallmarks precious metals also has it's own diamond grading laboratory called 'Anchorcert'. We also find Anchorcert a very strict & honest laboratory. Anchorcert is the only UK based diamond grading laboratory which utilises the proffessionalism of the Birmingham assay office which has been fine tuned over it's history spanning over 200 years.


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