Emerald & Diamond Traditional 3 Stone Into Contemporary Rubover Remodel



emerald & diamond traditional 3 stone into contemporary rubover remodel

Our jewellery remodelling gallery features ring designs where our customers supplied the metal, the gemstones or in some cases, both. We at RING jewellers would be happy to supply any additional materials if needed. This can be either gemstones or precious metals.

We have a talented team of designers, goldsmiths & stone setters that can reset diamonds from various pieces of jewellery into one ring. We can also make pendants into rings, reset diamond solitaire engagement rings into halo designs or we can also remodel old-fashioned jewellery into more contemporary designs.

We can melt & reuse yellow gold but white metals (like Platinum, Palladium & white gold) can crack easily when reworked. Bearing this in mind, & if the customer does not want the old setting returned, the old white metal settings can be used as part payment instead of being melted & used.