Carved 3 Stone Into Rose Gold & Platinum Rubover Set Ring Remodel



carved 3 stone into rose gold & platinum rubover set ring remodel

When we work on jewellery remodelling, in many cases our customers supply the metal, the gemstones, or there are cases when our customers provide us with both the metal and the gemstones that are needed. We can supply you with any additional materials if it’s needed. This can be both gemstones or precious metals.

Our experienced team of designers, goldsmiths & stone setters can take diamonds from several pieces of jewellery you own and reset them into one jewellery piece, turn your pendants into rings, reset your diamond solitaire engagement rings into halo designs or remodel some of your old-fashioned jewellery into more contemporary designs.

As a rule, we can melt & reuse yellow gold but white metals (like Platinum, Palladium & white gold) are prone to cracking when reworked. Bearing this in mind, & if the customer does not want the old setting returned to them, the old white metal settings can be used as part payment instead of being melted & used.