Ruover Set Strand Ring With Pave Milgrain Strand

Ruover Set Strand Ring With Pave Milgrain Strand

ruover set strand ring with pave milgrain strand

Our strand ring designs (also known as bubble rings or raindance rings) can be ordered in a range of diamonds & coloured gemstones like Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Coloured Diamonds & many more! The rings can also be ordered with either claw or rubover settings. 

Our strand rings are available as bespoke, ready to buy from out windows, or made by utilising customers own gemstones. It often happens that people inherit old jewellery pieces that aren't quite to their taste but the selection of stone types & shapes on the jewellery makes the job of creating a new, better-looking ring tricky. The strand ring remodels we make embrace the fact that not all family stones are always the same size, shape or colour. You can see some of our samples on the following link:

This design can be ordered in Platinum, Palladium & 9ct or 18ct White, Yellow & Rose Gold.


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