Promise Rings

Promise rings are a pre-engagement ring. They are given by someone who wants to show their love & commitment but is either not ready for a full marriage proposal, or who does not have the budget to buy a diamond engagement ring. 

Promise rings are worn on left ring finger but are not worn alongside engagement & wedding rings. When a couple go on to get engaged the promise ring is removed (it can sometimes be resized to wear on another finger, or is kept as a keepsake).

The idea of a promise ring originated thousands of years ago in days when couples were 'betrothed' rather than engaged. A betrothal was a legally binding ceremony which meant that the couple were 'promised' to each other and would marry one day, although sometimes not for many years. In the betrothal the groom would present his bride with a ring to show his commitment to her and this is believed to have been the first use of a promise ring. There is no set design for a promise ring but one common theme is that they often have a romantic engraving that confirms the symbolism of the promise ring. One of the techniques we use at RING jewellers is laser engraving. This gives a pinpoint accuracy that hand-engraving cannot offer.


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