Diamond Engagement Rings

At RING jewellers we can source laboratory certificated, conflict free diamonds in almost any carat, colour & clarity. As diamonds are available in such a wide variety of 

weights & grades we are able to make any of our designs (or your design!) to suit a huge range of budgets. We hand make our diamond engagement rings right here in The Lanes in our Brighton workshops. To give you a starting point most designs cost between £500-£900 for the setting (depending which precious metal you choose), all of the rest of the price is the cost of the diamond. Our diamond engagement rings start at around £995 (for the finished ring), with almost no upper limit because some diamonds are incredibly rare &/or large!  

We have the facilities to then hand-make settings to your design in our local Brighton workshops. Our laboratory of choice for diamond grading is the GIA. 

With our GIA laboratory graded diamonds, the customer receives a certificate that is matched to a tiny laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond that is invisible to the naked eye.

In store we have a large range of engagement rings set with the most popular cuts of diamond like round brilliant cuts, princess cuts, & emerald cuts. We also make bespoke engagement rings using more unusual cuts of diamond like Asscher cuts & Radiant cuts. Due to the wide range of carat weights, colours & clarity of diamonds we can usually work to our customers budgets. You can find out more about diamonds colour & clarity on our diamond grading page.

The settings for our diamond engagement rings can be made from Platinum, Palladium, 9ct & 18ct white, yellow or rose gold.

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