Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Art Deco is a style that is usually associated with the 1920's & 1930's. It was during this period that the style flourished, soon after its conception a few years before. Having said this, Art Deco jewellery never ever goes out of fashion & regularly has times, even nowadays, when it is the inspiration behind thousands of contemporary diamond engagement rings. Typical Art Deco jewellery is filled with beutiful geometric shapes. Square, princess & Asscher cut diamonds stepping down in size & rectangular emerald & baguette cut diamonds are often used to make these wondeful symetrical jewellery designs come to life.

At RING jewellers all of our jewellery is new so although our engagement rings are not Art Deco in the antique sense of the word, we do use this period as inspiration for many of our engagement rings. The beauty of this is that we can create the wonderful Art Deco style without the rings having suffered the wear & tear of an old antique ring.

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