7 reasons why should you think about resetting a diamond ring

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider resetting your diamond ring:
  1. If you try to sell your diamond ring to a second hand jeweller they will usually only pay you between a quarter & a third of what you paid for it. The second hand jewellery market is very harsh indeed! Why not reset your diamond instead?
  2. If you inherit a diamond ring that means a lot to you, but it is not your style. Remodelling your ring is a great way to retain its sentiment, whilst having a ring you will cherish & wear every day.
  3. If you remodel a ring although you have to pay for the remodelling work, the diamond retains it's insurance value.
  4. It is rare that you will devalue a diamond ring by remodelling it. The only time you might is if it is a 'designer' ring. For example companies like Cartier or Tiffany charge such a high premium for their name that this was a high percentage of the original rings value. When remodelled the diamond ring will not technically be 'a Cartier' or 'a Tiffany' piece so the value could go down. Rest assured though most rings, even if they are antiques, are valued predominantly on the diamonds carat, colour, cut & clarity. This means that the ring will be worth the same, if not more, in its new setting.
  5. If you have had numerous problems with a diamond ring like the main diamond keeps coming loose, or if small shoulder stones keep dropping out. These things can mean that your ring has been badly made, or has suffered damage & resetting the stones may be a good excuse to choose a stronger, more practical design.
  6. If you didn't have the budget for the ring you would have liked when you got engaged, but at the same time love the sentiment of your diamond engagement ring, remodelling is a great solution. You can use your diamond as the centre piece for a new ring. Take for example  Halo rings. These designs take one large stone & surround it with a ring of tiny diamonds. This gives a real wow factor even if the central diamond is not huge.
  7. If a piece of jewellery has been left to several family members & it is set with more than one diamond. In this situation the diamonds can be removed & made into several separate pieces of jewellery. Don't forget this can be gents jewellery too so brothers & sisters can create a new piece of jewellery with the sentiment of their family gemstones.

You can find out more about our remodelling services & see more before & after photos here.

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