Why Consider Resetting an Old Engagement Ring?

Why Consider Resetting an Old Engagement Ring?
When an engagement ring is given to someone, it has significant meaning with regards to love, devotion, and commitment. This item of jewellery is the precursor to getting married and, just like a wedding ring, it is designed to be treasured forever by the recipient. These rings are also often passed down to other members of the family. 
Many inherited an engagement rings end up being sold on to second-hand jewellery stores and even pawn shops. Naturally, this means that you get only a fraction of what the ring is actually worth as buyers such as these are notorious for offering low prices regardless of the value of the engagement ring. 
There are many cases where people inherit an engagement ring but because it is not to their taste or does not fit them, they decide to sell it rather than leaving it to gather dust in the back of some drawer. Many do not realise that they could actually have it remodelled and reset to suit their needs and to ensure the perfect fit.

An Excellent Alternative to Selling
If you are thinking of selling an inherited engagement ring, you should first stop and consider the alternatives. It would be a shame to let a beautiful and potentially sentimental item of jewellery go for the low price that second-hand jewellers and pawnbrokers are willing the pay. An excellent alternative to this is to have the ring reset so you can really make it your own. This means that the engagement ring will become a truly personal and stunning item of jewellery that has been changed to suit your own individual taste. 
You will find specialist jewellers who can create the perfect item of jewellery for you from the engagement ring you provide. With the right jewellery expert on hand, you can make the engagement ring look completely different to the way it was before. This includes rearrangement of the stones to create what looks like a completely new bespoke ring. You then get to benefit from having an item of jewellery that is perfect for you and without having to lose money by selling it.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that if you have inherited the ring but are considering selling due to it being too big or small, this can also be changed. In addition to having the engagement ring reset, you can also have the size changed so that it fits your chosen finger perfectly. Of course, since it will no longer be an engagement ring, you are free to wear it on whichever finger you choose. A professional jeweller will be able to ensure the size is adjusted to fit your chosen finger. In fact, experienced jewellers can even create a stunning ring out of a pendant, so this is a great option if you have inherited a necklace. 

A Great Way to Avoid Financial Losses
By having your engagement ring reset, you can benefit from a simple, convenient, and affordable way of avoiding financial losses on a valuable item of jewellery. You can also enjoy showing off your newly designed ring, which has been redesigned just the way you want it. 

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