Titanium jewellery facts. 5 Titanium facts that will surprise you.....

Many customers are confused when it comes to titanium rings due to the conflicting advice given by jewellery shops. You have to ask yourself why many jewellers dismiss titanium? Could it be because they would charge you 10 times more for the same wedding ring design in 18ct white gold? Or that they would charge 15 times more fo the Platinum vesrion? Surely not, that would be cynical. This blog will dispel the myths & tell you the facts about titanium jewellery so hopefully you, the consumer, can make an informed decision about titanium rings.

"I've heard you cannot resize titanium wedding rings, is this true?" This is one of the most common myths we hear about titanium rings & it is UTTER NONSENSE! It is much stronger than the traditional precious metals but it can be resized quite easily. If you still have your doubts here's me sizing one: click here to see a titanium ring being resized  

"Can I be allergic to titanium?" No, titanium is vey pure & it is usually the alloys in other metals that cause allergic reactions. Titanium is even used within the body in surgery to repair broken bones & joints. This means the body never rejects it.

"I noticed some titanium rings are brightly coloured. What give the rings this colouring?" Titanium jewellery can be anodised. This is done by placing the jewellery in a solution & passing a current through it (an electric current not a little raisin type thing). As the voltage is changed, different colours are formed. These colours are long lasting but some customers do find they fade. This is usually people who use chemicals at work like cleaning or beauty products See below for examples of anodised titanium rings: 

  anodised titanium rainbow ring

anodised blue & yellow titanium wedding rings

"Why are Titanium wedding rings so cheap?" With the traditional precious metals although labour is part of the cost the majority is usually the weight of the metal. You are paying per gm for extremely rare metals & this rarity means they can be quite costly. Titanium on the other hand is quite an abundant metal so rather than paying a large amount per gm you are instead paying more for the labour to make the jewellery. The great thing about this is when a customer chooses quite a wide ring (like a gents titanium wedding band) the price is the same as a narrow delicate band. This is because the hours to make both rings are very similar. The low cost of titanium rings should not put you off though. Usually in life if something is cheap it is low quality. Jewellery is the exception though. A £150 Titnaium wedding ring would be far stonger than a £1500 Platinum wedding ring..makes you think doesn't it?

"I've heard titanium cannot be engraved. Is this true?" No. Hand-engravers do not like working with Titanium becuase it is so strong is blunts their engraving tools. Machine engravers & laser engravers can work with Titanium very easily. See below for some laser engraved Titanium rings:

laser engraved titanium skull ring

Laser engraved Dr. Who Gallifreyan wedding rings

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