The Lanes in Brighton has a new lane!

We love the fact that our little shop is located in The Lanes in Brighton. There's' always something going on! If they're not filming a movie or snapping a fashion shoot, then the paparazzi are chasing a celebrity through Brighton's narrow twittens. Now though, there's a new kid on the block! (or in The Lanes to be more precise).....

Work is well underway on 'Hannington Lane'. This will be a new pedestrianised Lane that will unveil Pugets cottage, an ancient building that has been pretty much boxed in for over 140 years. In the new Lane will be shops & restaurants. It will link Brighton's North Street to the Brighton Square & Brighton Place area of The Lanes. You can see Puget's cottage marked with the castle emblem on the Google map below just to the right of RING jewellers.

It's all very controversial because to build this new lane the developers have demolished what is thought to be Brighton's oldest shopfront estimated to have been built around 1770. With such strict planning laws in the area the fact that such a historical building was removed has been the talk of the town. Admittedly Puget's cottage is even older but it feels like a very surprising decision. Below is a photo of Puget's Cottage.

So how will the new lane affect RING jewellers? Well I guess we could loose a few visitors from the Meeting House Lane entrance from North Street, but we will probably gain a few from the new Hannington Lane so I cannot see it making much of a difference to us. Hopefully the overall regeneration the project will create will put an end to so many closed shops & empty units in the Brighton Square area too. At the time of writing this Brighton Square does not appear the most welcoming of places! 

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