The Lanes, Brighton (& it's many jewellery shops!).

I thought I would write something a little different for this blog. Rather than being about what we do, it's about where we do it! RING jewellers is based in The Lanes in Brighton. So where exactly are The Lanes & why are there so many jewellery shops based there?

RING jewellers is situated in The Lanes in Brighton, East Sussex. The Lanes are a collection of 'twittens', (Sussex dialect for narrow alley ways) located just a few metres from the seafront, in between the Brighton pier & the i360. The Lanes was originally a village of small fisherman's cottages. Over the years though these small dwellings were developed until The Lanes became the buzzing shopping hotspot that it is today.

Around 20 years ago Brighton's Lanes were famous for it's antique stores rather than for the independent jewellery shops that line the streets today. 'Knocker boys' (people that go door-to-door asking if people have anything to sell) would queue for miles waiting to sell their wares to the numerous antique shop owners. With antiques objects & furniture becoming less popular over the years though the antique shops began to close & the jewellery shops thrived. Nowadays, it is the The Lanes jewellers that people travel from miles around to see.

Every year thousands of couples in love who are getting engaged or married head for The Jewellery shops in Brighton's Lanes to look at one of the finest collection of jewellery stores in the whole country. Unlike many other towns you will not find the large chain jewellery shops in The Lanes. Here the area is packed full of independent jewellers. This makes for a far more varied choice when it comes to picking that special engagement or wedding ring.

As well as The Lanes numerous jewellery stores you will also find dozens of amazing independent cafes, restaurants & bars. All of this is just yards away from the beach, the pier & the i360 so the area is defintely worth a visit!

RING jewellers is located at 21 Meeting House Lane, The Lanes, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HB. 

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