The history of Brighton & why you should visit today

The history of Brighton & why you should visit today

If you were to speak to anyone, who's ever been to Brighton, they would all agree - it's a place unlike anywhere else in England. It is apparent from the very moment you arrive. This seaside resort town has unique  and colourful architecture, which showcases gems from the 19th and the 20th century, and combined with the celebrated seafront make up for an unforgettable experience. Yet another quality that sets Brighton apart from most other places - the creative and incredibly collaborative local culture. Brighton is a city full of life which thrives with various activities, art forms, and independent businesses including Brighton’s famous Lanes that is packed full of jewellery shops.

Because of its geography, Brighton has always been a fairly busy place. Nestled between the sea and the South Downs it grew as a fishing village and a market town. The mid-18th century came with prosperity, when population of Brighton grew rapidly and the construction of the glorious Royal Pavilion also known as the Brighton Pavilion was started in 1787. 

To this day the Royal Pavilion is a marvel that is admired by tourists and locals alike. What used to be a royal residence, has been acquired by the city of Brighton and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Most things in Brighton are within close proximity. Just a few minutes walk from the Royal Pavilion takes you to the North Laine, the vibrant and bohemian part of the city, filled with culture, cafes, and shops. But even before you venture into one of the charismatic independent shops or cafes, you can find yourself amazed by the colourful street art. While it's hidden away and covered up in cities across the world, it is celebrated on Brighton's North Laine. 

The North Laine, however, is not to be mistaken for The Lanes, which are filled with even more shops and hidden gems. The narrow alleyways give off an old-fashioned vibe as if written into reality by Charles Dickens. It's a place to truly get lost in wondrous amazement. 

What was once home to countless antique stores, is now cradling many independent jewellery shops including RING jewellers! Shop windows large & small open up a world of treasures that are displayed through the numerous fine pieces that will outshine any jewellery chain store. Newly engaged couples as well as long-term partners in marriage, and anyone looking to celebrate their love through jewellery, travel to The Lanes in Brighton every year from across the country. Whether it is antique jewellery, contemporary jewellery, or a truly unique bespoke piece, then Brighton’s Lanes is a true jewellery hub that is well worth a visit.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump and you finally reach the famous Brighton beach. Enjoy a walk on the beach among the many colourful deck chairs, blue water right next to you and the timeless Brighton Pier majestically signalling that you could have easily travelled in time and landed back on a boardwalk with a unique charm. Brighton is a city that truly embraces both the old and the new and you can really feel it at the seafront. The Brighton Pier (previously known as the Palace Pier) has been a signature of Brighton ever since 1899. It's an incredibly fun place to visit for all the family. In the distance there are also the skeletal remains of what used to be the West Pier, but burned down in 2003. A historic reminder of the days already passed. 

Ever since 2016, however, there's yet another contrast to be seen on the beach and that's the incredible new observation tower - the i360. Yes, Brighton is home to the world's tallest moving observation tower offering stunning views of the sea, the city, and the South Downs. 

Brighton doesn't lose its charm all year round and is worth a visit any time. For a truly unforgettable experience consider staying for longer than just a couple of days to truly get the local feel. But if you come around May, you might just get caught up in the epicentre of art as Brighton hosts England's largest open-access arts festival - the Brighton Fringe. Is there anything that this unique seafront town doesn't have? Well come and see for yourself!

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