Remodelling jewellery. Before & after examples. PART 8 Rings reset into rubover designs

In this, the eighth part of our 'before & after' remodelling blogs, we showcase pieces of jewellery that were remodelled into a rubover setting. Rubover setting gemstones is a simple way of making a piece of jewellery look far more contemporary than it's claw set counterpart. The other thing a rubover setting does is makes the gemstone look slightly bigger, especially when it is a Diamond (this is never a bad thing!)

2 stone crossover & illusion set 3 stone reset into a rubover set strand ring. Customer supplied all Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied the Palladium for the finished ring. 

Claw set vintage Sapphire & Diamond ring reset into a rubover contemporary version. Customer supplied Sapphire, Diamonds & part of gold. RING jewellers supplied additional gold & white gold for settings.

Claw set Opal & Diamond halo ring remodelled into rubover set version. Customer supplied Opal & Diamonds. RING jewellers supplied Palladium for the finished ring.

Rose cut Diamond ring reset into rubover set gold pendant. Customer supplied Diamond & part of gold. RING jewellers supplied additional gold.

Very worn Tourmaline & Diamond halo ring remodelled into stronger, rubover & thread & grain set version. Customer supplied Tourmaline, Diamonds & gold shank. RING jewellers supplied Palladium for head of new ring.

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