Remodelling diamond ring examples. Before & after photos - PART 4

Following our 3 part series of jewellery remodelling blogs we were inundated with requests for more images of jewellery upcycling projects. The following pictures show before & after photos of some recent remodelling commissions, along with a description of what jewellery was used & the new design. These pieces were made using customers own jewellery. Often inherited pieces that were a little old fashioned for the new owners taste. Some customers reset only their diamonds / gemstones whereas in other projects we melt & resuse their gold too. 

3 diamond rings remodelled into family 'satellite ring'. Main stone represents the mother of the family, the next stone her daughter, the smaller stones her grandchildren. Customer supplied diamonds & some of gold, we supplied extra gold weight.

Amethyst pendant, 3 stone diamond ring & plain wedding band remodelled into satin finished, rubover set, 18ct yellow gold 4 ring stacking set. Customer supplied all gemstones & part of gold, we supplied extra gold weight.

Diamond cluster ring, diamond earrings & plain wedding bands remodelled into fitted band with hand-engraved walls (shaped to fit with diamond engagement ring). Customer supplied both the gold & the diamonds.

Sapphire & diamond 3 stone & diamond cluster rings remodelled into rubover set strand ring. Customer supplied gemstones, we supplied precious metal (Palladium).

Ruby & emerald rings remodelled into emerald & diamond assymetrical 3 stone ring. Customer supplied gemsones, we supplied metal (18ct white gold).

If you have any questions about jewellery remodelling just click on our enquire button or send an email to: [email protected] You can also call 01273 773544.

We are based in Brighton but we carry out many remodelling projects remotely too. This means you do not have to visit us in person becuase we can send sketches & photos via email.

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