#LoveLongAndProsper - competition entries

Our #LoveLongAndProsper competition brought in some out of this world entries! Thank you to everyone who entered and joined in the fun.

Here are just some of our favourite entries that boldly went where no man or woman have gone before.

How would you propose to your other half?

“[It would] have to be at a sci-fi convention, in cosplay, with everyone in costumes and stuff. Go big or go home! #lovelongandprosperPrincess Charlotte Brine

“I would purchase advertising space at my local cinema so that the ad would play before the movie on the night of the premier of Star Trek Beyond. I would also tell her that I won tickets to the premier and ask her to get dressed up for dinner after the movie.

In the ad I would dress in my Anvos Starfleet Captain’s dress uniform, look into the crowd and ask her to stand up. Then, getting down on one knee, put out one hand with the ring box in it and ask her if she would boldly go where innumerable couples have gone before as my bride and first officer.” David

“It's simple...Have the room full of roses and petals with the War of the Worlds music on. I’d tell her to enter the portal of love and tell her this is her final frontier mission before the planet zorg. Then say “will you be my Captain Kirk? Beam me up Scottie - marry me and make this my last earthly mission!?” Colin Levy

“My dream proposal would be at a Planetarium!” @milyellex

“A trip to their favourite place, where I would create a small trail for them to follow, full of pictures of us and memories we have shared for them to find along the way. When they'd reach the end I would be waiting for them, I would sit them down on a blanket I had laid out, surrounded by lanterns, and set out with a picnic of chocolate strawberries, champagne, small finger sandwiches and other bits and pieces. Afterwards, we would sit back, listen to music and enjoy the food!” Hannah Lewis

“It would be fun to dress up in the old Star Trek uniform - me as Kirk, her as Lieutenant Uhura and she would ask me to boldly go…” Stephen Kelley

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