How much does a wedding or engagement ring cost?

We often receive emails asking how much a specific ring on our website costs, or even the question why are there no prices? The answer is simple. The metals & gemstones we use vary massively in value so often two very similar looking designs can differ by hundreds, or even thousands of pounds in price. At RING jewellers our jewellery is totally bespoke so we can help you create your perfect design with a choice of budgets.

Even the setting of a classic, delicate engagement ring can vary by around £400 purely on the precious metal you choose & that's before you even think about the gemstones. With getnts wedding bands the difference can be even more startling. A plain, wide gents ring (of a good thickness) can cost between £200 & £2,000 depending on the metal you choose & at RING jewellers we have 10 to choose from! You can find out more about the different metals we use here. Below is a good example of how metal prices vary. In this laser engraved his & hers set of Star Wars inspired rings the narrower ladies band costs over £1000 whereas the gents wider ring costs less than £300!

There is a misconception that the size of the diamond alone determines its value but there are other factors that are even more important. The difference in price between a low colour & clarity compared to a much higher grade can be thousands of pounds. Even those who know about diamond grading underestimate the absolute necessity of an independently laboratory graded stone (preferably from the GIA). At RING jewellers we supply GIA graded diamonds. You can find out more about diamond grading here. Below is an example of how diamonds can vary in value. The diamond in both of these designs are 0.70ct princess cuts (forget the design this is just the value of the main diamond) but one stone is worth over £3,000 more than the other purely because of their different grades!

If you would like us to quote you on a design (either one from our website or one of your own) please include as much information as possible. It may seem obvious to you but do mention if it is a ladies or a gents ring you are enquiring about. If you are looking for a ladies wedding ring let us know the metal (inc the carat if gold) that you engagement ring is made from because it is best to match it. Also, if you have a budget it is very useful to know how much you are comfortable spending. We will always give you options under budget too so don't worry about us maxing it out.

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