Celebrity engagement rings

I was recently researching trends in the jewellery world when I stumbled across this fascinating blog on Vogue UK's website. It was about celebrity engagement rings. Now I know what you're thinking "yes but they have millions of pounds to spend on their rings." Well this is true but after you have a look at the article take a look below & you can see a few designs from RING jewellers which I think you will agree look equally & stunning & cost a damn site less! Here's the link to the Vogue article: http://www.vogue.co.uk/accessories/news/2012/08/17/celebrity-engagement-rings-pictures---beyonce-kate-bosworth/gallery/790243

Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini (or what ever her name is this week) has a stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring with tapered baguette cut diamond shoulders. For people who like this art deco style, but want a bit more sparkle, might consider the lesser known radiant cut. Below is a design like this from RING jewellers.


Our version of model Poppy Delivingne's unusual Leo De Vroomen designer engagement ring. Ours is an purple sapphire engagement ring & a diamond wedding ring 2 piece set though instead of being a single ring. This adds versatility!

purple sapphire & diamond engagement ring & halo convertor wedding ring

Model Adriana Lima's engagement ring is a diamond set split shoulder halo cluster. Here's one of ours with a twist on that design. The difference being the bevelled halo to contrast with the central diamond (& our diamond is also slightly smaller!)

round diamond halo cluster with split shoulders

Model & actress Blake Lively has a beautiful, natural pink diamond. These are incredibly rare stones. Below is a natural, pink from RING jewellers. This is a 0.49ct oval set in 18ct rose gold flanked with two perfect 'D', Flawless diamonds on a Platinum shank.natural pink diamond engagement ring

Angelina Jolie's engagement ring is set with a central emerald cut diamond. The shoulders are channel set tapered bageutte cut diamonds. We made a very similar commission for a client using a radiant cut in the centre instead. Radiant cuts have a similar shape to emerald cuts, but more facets underneath giving a lot more sparkle!

Radiant cut engagement ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds

Victoria Beckham's original engagement ring was a marquise cut diamond. Below is a 1.33ct marquise cut that we made in our workshops. The differences are that ours has a split shoulder detail & is the slightly more expensive platinum instead of gold (David must have been a bit low on cash that day)

marquise cut diamond engagement ring

Actress Natalie Portman has a diamond engagement ring with stones set on the shank, around the main stone & even on the sides of the setting (pretty much everywhere you can!) This pave setting with so many diamonds gives an amazing finish to a ring. Below is a ring that we made in this style, along with the matching, fitted wedding ring. Note the milllgrain edging too. This adds even more sparkle instead of just finishing the ring with a plain border of metal.

 sapphire & diamond engagement ring with fitted wedding band

Actress Jessica Biel has a double row diamond engagement ring. Here's a double row halo that we made but this ring is set with a blue diamond in the centre instead of using all white diamonds. The lovely thing about this ring is that all of the diamonds are the same cut. The tiny white stones right up to the large blue diamond are modern, round, brilliant cuts. 

blue diamond double halo ring

Now we all know Elizabeth Taylor liked her bling (to say the least). She was often a trend setter when it came to fashion & jewellery. One such instance of this was when she wore a cabochon cut sapphire engagement ring given to her by actor Michael Wilding. Cabochon cut stones are cut & polished to a smooth finish (like a pebble) unlike the faceted gems we are more used to seeing. Below is a cabochon cut sapphire made by RING jewellers.

cabochon cut sapphire ring 

Now I'll probably get done for treason by saying this but her majesty.....you're doing it all wrong! The queen's engagement & wedding ring are shown in the above mentioned Vogue blog but they are not fitted properly! Now I know the royal family probably wear inherited jewellery but below is an example of a fitted wedding & engagement ring set should look. If you wear your jewellery more like her majesty your rings will be prone to excess wear & tear.

diamond engagement ring & fitted wedding ring set

Actress Salma Hayek does not have the classic style of engagement ring. We find the trend of going for something a little out of the ordinary is beconing more & more popular in recent years. Salma's engagement ring is what we call a 'strand ring'. Not only are these popular in their own right but they are a great way of remodelling jewellery. As they are usually set with different size (& sometimes even shaped) gemstones they are ideal for making one ring from several inherited or unwanted rings. At RING jewellers we specialise in jewellery remodelling so we can make you a strand ring with either us supplying the diamonds, or by reusing stones from your own jewellery.

diamond set strand ring

So as you can see from this article you do not have to be a millionaire to afford stunning bespoke jewellery.


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