Precious metal trends for 2016

Trends come and go in the world of precious metals, so here are our top tips for jewellery metals in 2016.


We can see white metals remaining strong in 2016, particularly Palladium. Since the UK Assay offices designated Palladium its own hallmark in 2009, it has hugely increased in popularity. Palladium's similarity to Platinum is incredible and this, along with its much lower price point, means that the general public seem to have really warmed to it.

When it comes to diamond engagement rings these days, a big percentage of many customers’ budget is taken up by the setting alone if they choose Platinum. Palladium frees up a little more budget to be spent on that all important diamond!


For gent’s wedding rings, Titanium will increase in popularity. Although not a precious metal, its incredible strength makes it a popular choice for men who work with their hands. Titanium's gun metal grey appearance also means it suits men who are not really into their jewellery and want something quite understated.

The thing to look out for is many jewellery shops bad-mouthing Titanium as a choice for jewellery. They use scare tactics like "you cannot cut it off if you have an accident", which is of course absolute nonsense! We always ask customers if you cannot cut it how does our workshop make rings from it? Other stores try to put customers off Titanium because a £200 Titanium ring would cost around £1500 in Platinum. Which one do you think they would rather you buy?

Coloured stones

The stunning combinations of warm coloured stones like Papradscha (orange Sapphire), yellow Diamonds, Topaz and Rubies, and the warm hues of Yellow & Rose gold will continue to make an impact over 2016. These golden tones have been really popular with customers who like their jewellery in a vintage style. Among the vintage ring designs, Halo clusters have led the way and this is something we think will continue in the future.

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